You've come to on a derelict space station. You have a friend, but the two of you need to be attached to each other at all times to survive. Power your ship and discover what happened! Oh and careful - don't get lost in space!


2020: A Space Odyssey is a one-button game.

  • Player 1: Press A
  • Player 2: Press L


The game was made as a part of the Guildford Global Game Jam 2020. 

In no particular order, the following worked on the game:

  • Oliwia Janczewska (Art) - @AoneeArt
  • Stephen Paice (Unity/Code/Design) - @Satheon
  • Nick Stacey (Unity/Code/Design) - @ditt_to
  • Lucho Hubanov(Unity/Code/Design) - @elhubanov
  • Alyx Jones (Narrative/Music) - @Alyx_Jones
  • Kev Davey (Narrative/Sound Design) - @kev_davey83
  • Lorraine Ansell (Voices of Bots) - @LAvoiceart


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Hey was great to have met you guys at the Guildford Jam, hopefully cyu another time :)
And your game turned out great!

Hey, many thanks, was great to meet you too, dude! Potentially next game jam, there's one around Guildford Games Festival, I believe :) 

And similarly, Paddle or Die - super dope !