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More of an abstract exercise in mood than a complete narrative experience, Good Night, Good Morning, was developed as part of Ludum Dare 41. Most interactions with this dream-world happen in first person, however, GNGM also has a driving sequence and an asteroids-esque minigame.

With the theme being Combining two incompatible genres, the initial concept was intended to mix a narrative "walking simulator" experience, with a mini-game collection, similar to WarioWare. With a scope seemingly too large, the game organically developed into a more linear Lynchian dream experience, with each intended mini-game taking on a role in the narrative, showcasing an unnamed main character's professional anxieties.


  • W/A/S/D : All movement 
  • Left Mouse: Fire flare


GNGM_1.0.zip 160 MB

Install instructions

Not sure if anything special needs to be done with the Unity player. Should work as is, after unpacking the archive.

Development log